Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In Media Res

TheHackerCIO is aways busy; on the move;  generally coding. No time to introduce him now, but he is known to have very strong opinions about technology  -- backed up by hands-on experience. A few months ago he was "Sensei" at the AT&T Hackathon: his teams came in First & Third place. One of the teams won 4K in prizes they would have missed out on, because they didn't have their eyes on the API-prize ball. That would have been a shame. Two months ago he constructed a Performance Engineering Environment for a major Entertainment client. His performance review of JVM problems led to resolution of an OutOfMemory error that had been around for  years. Last month, he installed a RHEL/DB2 subsystem for a major Casino client. A week ago, TheHackerCIO figured out the OAUTH2 API with Google Play Purchasing, to support client requirements in their Java backend server. Today, he's implementing Mobile APIs in a Java server. In two days he will be advising a Startup on Development tools, approaches, guidelines, and User experience flow. TheHackerCIO wears many hats. And he wears them all with style.....

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