Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a dull Hacker

Play is contagious. But that's not a problem, when the play is a Framework.

Play works in both Scala and Java, but you have to be very careful to pick which one you want correctly without mixing/matching, or you'll get into errors. Monday, TheTechnology-Radar-Group had a presentation from Alexandros Bantis on Play with Scala.

Tuesday night, our local Java User's Group got another presentation from Alexandros on  Play with Java.

One question surfaced, which is still being discussed: Given that Grails can easily produce a CRUD application, using Active Record as in Ruby/Rails, is this time-saving capability available in Play, or are they orthogonal approaches? Stay tuned for details!

Two Play sessions, in succession! What a fun month for the Hacker side of ...

the one who remains faithfully,


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