Sunday, September 15, 2013

Who is TheHackerCIO?

Who is this mystery man, TheHackerCIO? And what is he like? Once he asked a colleague, "Do you think I'm a pessimist or an optimist?" He noted, "You're an optimist about what you can do and a pessimist about what others can do." That's true: it makes me a realistic optimist. Another colleague said "you have an edge." True, too. It wasn't intended as such, but I take it to be a prime compliment! Any tool, to be of value must have an edge. And keep it honed. I don't struggle to keep my edge -- it comes naturally. And I hate falsehood, pretense, and euphemism. You aren't going to read corporate-speak here. No Political Correctness. No mission statements. No threadbare cliches. I keep it real. I keep it as close as possible to reality.

I Remain, Faithfully,


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