Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Geeky Book Club Had Neither Me nor a Book Last Night

TheHackerCIO is in crunch mode to meet deadlines for client delivery, so I had to miss my GeekBookClub (LAJUG study group) last night. So, the poor club remained wanting in two essential ways:
  • an incredibly brilliant, scintillating commentator, such as TheHackerCIO.
  • a book to discuss.
A book club without a book!

A geeky club without a geek! At least, without one normally in attendance.

What a situation.

The club has finished Java Performance and typically reads articles in-between books for a week or two. Next book up is The Pragmatic Programmer on Cucumber.

I'm very sorry I missed the discussion of the Paul Graham article, Hackers & Painters. If you haven't read Paul Graham's essay, you need to stop reading my blog now, go there, and read it. Then read it again. Then poke around reading his other essays.

I'll explain why in another post, or possibly, an essay of my own!

I remain, Hacking in Crunch Mode,


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