Friday, November 15, 2013

Blogging Notes

It's really sad to learn that spammers and other bottom-feeders are so prevalent. Even in the blogging world, you can't really go purely by your analytics to determine readership. For instance, the biggest two regular readers of this blog are unwanted. Basically spammers. adsense and vampirestats. Please don't look them up.

If you should blog, or just are generally interested, you might want to read further about them here:


If you have a blog and check to see where the traffic to your blog originates, you may notice traffic from websites called,,, and/or First off, don't click on them to find out why they are sending you traffic.

Neither Adsensewatchdog, nor any of these others have anything whatsoever to do with Google or Google AdSense and are essentially spam sites that use automated traffic to blogs to attract clicks to their own sites from blog owners such as you. Once you're at their site, at a minimum, you'll be fed ads. 

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