Thursday, November 21, 2013

TheHackerCIO accepts Ben Bernanke (The Fed Chairman's) Linked-In Request

TheHackerCIO is a apparently a wildly interesting guy for the Fed Chairman. (Yes, TheHackerCIO can get scammed too, but plays along when it's fun. I'm using crowd-sourcing to find out what the scam is -- so credits go to the first one to figure it out)

Anyway, so a LinkedIn request came in to me a moment ago from Ben. I accepted him, naturally, and sent him a message to see how I can be of service. 

Here is my message text:

Hi Ben:

I really don't know how my services as at CTO/Java Architect/Developer can be of assistance or interest to you. I don't do much in the realm of economic policy.

In fact, I'm an Austrian, so I don't approve of even having a "Fed," not to mention the evil of pumping money into the economy and consequently creating economic dislocations that will have to be paid for years from now.

However, I am open to hear how I can be of interest to you as the 22nd connection you wish to make.

I highly suggest, if you wish to get acquainted with my thinking about technology, or management, that you read my lively and informative blog: at

And if you need any assistance in transitioning from your job into Java development, I can put you in touch with a number of colleagues.


James Rothering


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