Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fire 'em All!

Joyent will fire you for grammatical incorrectness. They blogged about it here. To insist on principle that pronouns have a gender is an instantaneous, walk-you-out-the-door, firing offense!

And it isn't just Node.js who wishes they could fire for this, but also the employer of the unfortunate offender, who in a much more cowardly fashion said here, that they would fire him, but didn't mean that literally. Except they did. I'll let another commentator describe it:

Quoting Isaac Roth:
If Ben can’t learn, we’ll fire him. [Edit: See comment below. This is not meant literally.]
Huh? How in the world that cannot be literal? You have created a poisonous environment with your coworkers/employees, where they can be held at gunpoint and be told "or you learn, or I'll fire", where learning means agreeing with your point of view, whether is correct or not. If you think you are a leader you are dead wrong.
Your extreme "political correctness" is nothing more than a fascist regime.

TheHackerCIO thought that old-fashioned Grammar-Nazis were a bit over the top, but this newer breed of Politically-Correct-Grammar-Nazis make them look like plush dolls.  Moreover, this is claimed to derive from "empathy!"

If this be empathy, then I call for eliminating it from the workplace.

It's a "zero tolerance policy."

I Remain,


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