Monday, December 16, 2013

The Unbearable Laziness of Outsourcers

Foreign outsourcers are a real PITA. TheHackerCIO now Unlinks from them as soon as they message him in a manner revealing their failure to read *anything* about me prior to hitting "send."

Their laziness seems to know no bounds.

For example, this came today:

On 12/16/13 1:59 AM, <<Name Deleted>> wrote:
Dear James,

Hope to pay your attention to some business opportunity.

I can assume that your compay needs from time to time some IT developement resources.

We offer to you our team as a base for your Ukrainian IT development center in order to develop some projects for you on demand or offer our developers as remote members of your development team.

One of our new proposal is <<Name Deleted>> system for logistic and transport (we offer specialistes with long experience and we can form full team under your request).

Moreover we can propose Billing systems development team:
<<URL Deleted>>
10year + of billing system development for Austria Telecom.

If an idea of co-operation could be interesting for you let's discuss all possible working models.

Hope to find some way of the mutually beneficial cooperation.

We are ready to earn trust incrementally.

<<Name Deleted>>

And here is TheHackerCIO's reply:


Hi <<Name Deleted>>:

You could have "earned my trust," by reading my LinkeIn profile where you would have immediately seen this: 

ATTENTION RECRUITERS, OUTSOURCERS, & BUS. DEV. : Learn about my strongly held opinions BEFORE you Message me, by reading my blog, especially the FAQ at

In general, if you do some research about me & show some thought in your request, I'll LinkIn with you.

Please follow those directions, and particularly, read this entry:

Furthermore, I'm blogging about your appalling failure to follow these directions. Read it here:

Finally, I'm unlinking from you, and placing you on my internal "banned list," for "failure to do any research before messaging me." 

Thank You So Much,


Maybe they cant read!? But if so, then they ought not to try outsourcing.

I Remain,


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