Sunday, January 5, 2014

110 Lightening Presentations of 90 seconds

That takes 5 and a half hours.

2pm  to 7:30pm!

So, we the judges are tired and hoarse. There were 54 entrants in the Wearables track and 47 in the Mobile App track. Then extras came into play, for a total considered in excess of 110!

TheHackerCIO was kind enough to blog advice to all the teams on doing their presentations. But it wasn't heeded. When I've recovered, I'll be posting a lot of post-mortem analysis about presentational failure.

The number one reason for failure to win a prize was presentation. Piss poor presentations, to be precise. That is sad. Especially when a world class coach was available in TheHackerCIO. Stay tuned, for details will surely follow ...

I Exhaustedly but Contentedly Remain,


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