Sunday, January 12, 2014

If You Like It, Promote It

TheHackerCIO is a trader: he trades value for value. I don't want some piddling money from this blog, so I don't have a "contribute" widget. I don't want to stick it to your privacy by getting ad revenue from attracting you here, either.

So, if you get value from my blog, pay me back. 


Promote it!

Post links to the ones you particularly like in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, whatever social networks you're on. 

I'm planning to promote the blog this year. So help me out.

And while your at it, follow me on @TheHackerCIO

Following me and promoting me is promoting Hackathons, so if you believe in them, please just do it now.

You're also promoting the kind of rational, sane, value-based, and fun technology values that you read here every day.

And I'll consider the pay more than adequate!


I Remain,


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