Thursday, January 9, 2014

Show, Don't Tell Me

Once again TheHackerCIO is ticked off.

Once someone asked "How do you choose what to blog about?" And I replied, "I write about whatever pisses me off the most at the time of writing." That doesn't mean that I publish it immediately. I've got one or two sitting as "drafts," because it's wisdom to let things cool down sometimes. A lot of times, actually. Just to cite an example: "Dealing with Assholes," the promised secret inside scoop, is still in the cooler. It derives from actual events, and although the names have been expunged, I think even more details will eventually be removed. The principle will remain the same, but you won't be able to get the same salacious story. Only a privileged few insiders will be privy to that.

It was the book reading that ticked me off. Yesterday, on the plane flight, I started rereading NoSql Distilled. I recommend this as an excellent introduction to the new in-consistent databases.  And the author, Martin Fowler, with his ThoughtWorks consulting group is awesome.  The book is divided into two parts:
  • Understand
  • Implement
I only read the Understand section, and it was before the holidays. So, rather than continue with a poor remembrance, I just started over. 

TheHackerCIO is a "Strategos." That is, a "General," as the Greek word describes. But rather than explain how this is the case, we're going to take an inductive look at the kind of thinking that strategoi perform. And we're going to do it on the first chapter of this book: Why NoSql.

But now, TheHackerCIO, busy beaver that he is, has to go onboard a new major enterprise client for his boutique, Codojo. There must be three or four separate blog posts in that sentence alone!

[lets see, ...
1. How to onboard a client,
2. the innovations in the workplace of Codojo,
3. The effect of enterprise clients in a boutique alongside of Startups,
4. ???]

Ding ding ding ....

Times up.

Stay tuned for the rest ...

click here for part 2.

I Remain,


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