Thursday, January 30, 2014

Some of My Best Friends Do Outsourcing

It isn't as bad as doing drugs. I don't encourage this kind of bad behavior, but I don't sever ties with those who do.

For TheHackerCIO, following J. Paul Getty's principle ("if you have a business, make sure you're the one running it") is an absolute essential. I can collaborate with those who outsource, but I'm probably not going to collaborate in a way that involves outsourcing -- not even with my partners!

Because I want my partners also to be the ones running the business they have with me. And I want to work with companies who are technology-centered. So, for they to outsource their core competency amounts to having a business and not running it.

But, if they want to also mess around with having businesses but not running them, the loss is theirs, so long as they don't try to mix me up in it.

I Remain,


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