Saturday, January 4, 2014

TheHackerCIO does Vegas

TheHackerCIO just did Silicon Valley.

Now he's doing Vegas. Got some strange looks, on arrival at the Palms Casino Resort. 

Not sure this was the right t-shirt to wear...  Pretty tired after a long drive ... 

But ...

What's Hacked in Vegas ain't gonna stay in Vegas! 

I hope not, anyway. I want winners that go viral. 

In about 8 hours, the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon will begin; that's Saturday morning. Registration opens at 8am. Lightening talks begin at 11am. For those newbies who are using this series on Hackathons to self-educate, a "lightening talk" is a very condensed presentation. Sometimes people refer to these as "elevator pitches." The idea is that you should present the essence of your Startup in the time it takes to ride an elevator.  

Condensing the corporate value-proposition is an excellent exercise. It focuses the mind. It's a sort of acid-test of your play. If you can't captivate people with your offering, you are scarcely going to make it in business. Or attract the capital to try. Or attract the people to work with you. 

At a Hackathon, the elevator pitch is typically reduced even more than what you might use in your real-life Startup. Sometimes they allow only 30 or 60 seconds to present! Generally, in real life, the "elevator pitch" can be a bit more relaxed.  The Hackathon "Lightning Talk," also tends to be more developer oriented. Most idea-pitchers -- even those with developer skills -- don't come with a full team, and need to attract coding talent. So while the concept must be clearly articulated, it may be more technical than the ordinary Startup "elevator pitch." 

But before I get drawn into this, TheHackerCIO needs some rest. It wouldn't do to be too tired for the Lightening pitches. 

I Remain, Sleepily ...


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