Friday, January 17, 2014

Who Will Interview the Interviewer?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will guard the guards?, asked Juvenal. And indeed, TheHackerCIO wonders, when applying for a job, and going through the interview process: 
who will interview the interviewers? 
It's actually more important the interview you do to them, than the interview they do to you. Because they may not be the right place for you to work. They may not adhere to your values. They may be Dilbertian.  In fact, they probably are. 

TheHackerCIO is lucky in this regard. He has a special answer to the question:
The sorting hat will!
He can use his sorting hat, which you are reading this very moment, to interview those interviewers! Those who are irritated by his approach grasp it almost immediately, and can sort themselves out. Out of his life, to be precise. It's his special "pre-screening call," but to be self-performed.

So, for those interested, possibly, in working with TheHackerCIO ...
For those who are considering hiring him ...
For those who may want to interview him ...

You need to go through the sorting hat. Spend some time poking around it.

Start with the FAQ and NAQ.

Be sure not to miss his professional values.

Then consider carefully the questions that arise: will this kind of fellow fit in with our culture? Is he the kind of person I want to have work for me? Should I spend my time and his in taking this further? If you've been sorted, I look forward to speaking with you!!!

I Remain,


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