Friday, April 25, 2014

A Headhunter Hoist on His Own Petard

Fridays are unusual.

This morning, particularly so.

TheHackerCIO breakfasted with a Headhunter.

And made him a offer!

Said headhunter was expecting to hunt, but found himself the hunted.

It just doesn't get better than this.

You may wonder why the author of "Why Hackers Hate Headhunters" would like one.

Well this one wanted to understand technology. He asked intelligent questions.  He wanted to meet me face to face. He didn't even text while we ate. He was on time. He was interesting. He was intelligent. He wanted a long term relationship.

In short, he was too good to be a headhunter. So I turned the tables on him, and asked him to consider doing some Business Development on the side for my boutique. We need people like that.

So the upshot is, that the Engineer -- or in this case -- Recruiter was hoist on his own headhunting petard, which is great sport, according to Shakespeare.

I Remain,


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