Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm not asking *For* a cable; I'm asking *About* one

Ahhhh, The trials of boutique consulting!

Upper Service organization management decreed to TheHackerCIO that "You are to make no further requests for anything, until further notice. Just keep your head down and do your work. Let us make the requests for things to the end-user." So, all requests for things ended.

But progress was most crucially being held up for want of an ethernet cable! It went like that nursery rhyme:
  • for want of a cable, the device to server went unconnected ...
  • for want of a connected server, the testing became deferred ...
  • for want of testing, the delivery was impeded ...
  • for want of delivery, the project slipped ...
  • for want of completion, (not the battle, but ...) the contract was lost!?!?!?
TheHackerCIO is not for losing a contract. Not on my watch. So he bought one. But he made a crucial mistake ... 

He mentioned in an email that he already had a hub and cable to resolve the connectivity issue. 

So another edict came down "All devices installed on the network must be approved first by the CTO." Damn. He was now forced to reply, "The devices which would resolve this issue are now locked away in my desk, unopened and not to be used until further notice." Double Damn.  Even just the cable would have helped, but now it was out of bounds. 

This is why people hate the pathological politics of the Bloated Behemoth Enterprise!

Luckily, a friendly network tech stopped by in the break room as I and an honorable colleague were getting a cup of coffee. "Anything you need?" He asked. So TheCraftyHackerCIO replied as follows:
"We could really use an Ethernet cable. But we have been instructed not to ask for anything. So I'm not asking for an Ethernet cable; I'm asking about one. What do you think?" He nodded with a grin. And so the problem was solved. 

The immediate problem, that is. The problem of Bloated Behemoth Enterprise pathology remains. Always. 

I Remain,


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