Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Silicon Valley Via HBO

Television is a hateful thing most of the time for TheHackerCIO. Whenever I'm watching the vapid content, I'm sure to have a laptop with me so I can learn something or try out a technique. BTW, you should always be coding on your laptop: during meetings, TV, listening to a presentation. All those wasted gaps of time can be easily redeemed by coding. It's a tremendously helpful habit.

But last night was different. I downloaded and watched the first episode of Silicon Valley. Geeks everywhere are talking about it, here and here, for instance. I loved it. I'm ordering HBO for the first time.

You can watch the first episode on the HBO Website.

If you're still unable to decode the characters, this page will help you.

In my opinion, they've nailed the culture. They've clearly done their research. Even my kid said, "They're just like those Hackathons you do." And that's reason to love it.

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