Friday, May 9, 2014

Why Hackers Hate WindoZe

The story of the font.

It's a good example of why Hackers Hate WindoZe.

Sometimes TheHackerCIO does something on a front-end Web site. In this case, I wanted to get an unusual font into the mix on a web page. Stackoverflow held the immediate answer, but when I tried it out, there was no change on the browser page.

After an hours frustration, further googling, and tweaking, I took a break. I washed my face. Then came the necessary reflection.

What are you doing? You're trying to combine multiple learning streams. On the one hand, you're learning the new touch gestures of Windows 8 and where everything has been moved around. On the other hand, you're attempting to actually DO something with WindoZe. So then it clicked. One of the posters HAD said, "any decent browser ..."

And that was the problem. I was using what came installed on the box. I wasn't using a decent product.

So I immediately returned to the laptop, downloaded Firefox, and the font showed. Just for the heck of it, I downloaded all the others -- Chrome, Opera, Safari. All fine. I'd just wasted an hour with WindoZe.

But it's important to have continual reminders. Luckily, I didn't spend that much time on it. I can amortize the time against learning the Windows 8 Touch gestures and re-org.

But you do have to stand in awe, how nothing out-of-the ordinary ever works in a WindoZe environment

After all, why should Microsoft support what every other browser on the face of the planet does?

I Remain,


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