Friday, February 3, 2017

A Fiery Death for the Workers Near You!

Fire safety means never caring to save your neighbors!

TheHackerCIO recently took mandatory safety training at a Fortune-500 company. These are on-line presentations, with automatically scored answers. God forbid that you should score less than 80%! The punishment is to repeat the damn course! That's serious punishment.

Books have been written about the evils of multiple-choice testing.

This fire test was a perfect example.

 No explanation is possible on a multiple-choice test. So, when faced with the question, "Which of these choices is correct," and having received a feedback score of "incorrect" for selecting that I should evacuate and that I should get as many coworkers as possible out with me, I could pretty well assume that the "correct"response was to keep my mouth shut and let them burn up.

 If I had been able to add a written response as a "challenge" option, this ridiculous answer would have been corrected by one of the instructional designers. But no, no human interaction is allowed or desired. So the answer remains.

So, if there should be a fire near you be safe.

Let your neighbor die!

Safety first!

I Remain,  Ever the Unsafe,


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